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Three PSM I simulated exams

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Simulated exams for passing the PSM I (Professional Scrum Master) exam offers the Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) certification. All candidates should pass PSM I exam to get certified. So, it is recommended that all Scrum Masters who work in a Scrum team would certify themselves.

We know that exam questions are tricky and most people are not prepared enough for the exam. Indeed they aware of the trickiness of the questions right when they take part the real exam.
So, we decided to prepare some practice assessments with the exact characteristics of the real exam. It means 80 questions, 60 minutes timeframe and real questions format (True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer) with a passing mark of 85%. You will inform about your score immediately right after taking each exam. In addition, we prepared an explanatory and extensive answer to each question. These answers are reliable learning source to improve your Scrum fundamental understanding and knowledge. Furthermore, these auxiliary answers strongly improve your confidence because you learn tips and tricks of Scrum concepts.

So, we invite you to prepare yourselves for the PSM I exam with our high-quality practice assessments.

PSM I practice assessment characteristics:


  • 3 real-like exams with 80 questions for each one (totally 240 distinct questions)
  • Having 60 minutes timeframe
  • Doing each exam many times as you want
  • One year access to the practice assessments
  • Finding your score immediately after finishing each exam
  • Preparing an explanatory and extensive answer for each question as a reliable learning source
  • Improving your confidence through learning Scrum concepts tips and tricks


7 reviews for Scrum Master Practice Assessment

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ali Lavasani (verified owner)

    It was a wonderful time. I attended and enjoyed the course of all my friends. It was a very great atmosphere. The test sample was excellent. The questions were very similar to the original test sample in the scrum website and were very efficient and useful for preparing for the exam. I advised many of my friends to take the course and use sample questions and tutorials.
    I thank Mr. Hoseini for all his hard work and coordination.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mehdi Fakour (verified owner)

    I just passed the PSM I exam with a score of 97.5%.
    To be honest, when I started preparing for the exam, I thought it would be a piece of cake as I have significant work experience in practicing Scrum. But when I went through various practice exams and questions, I realized it is not going to be that easy. As a matter of fact, having knowledge and passing the exam are two different things.
    For me, taking these simulated exams was very helpful in many ways such as Improving knowledge, practicing under exam conditions, identifying topics that need attention. So, I strongly recommend you take these exams, especially the third one which is really close to the real exam.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    davoodaghai (verified owner)

    I passed PSM I exam with 98.8 score On 5 june 2020.
    I recommend using these simulation tests for the following reasons:

    A. With this package, familiarity with the environment and the rules of the main exam is developed.
    B.The content of simulated tests is largely the same as real exam tests .
    C.You will gain experience managing time and reviewing questions that need to be reviewed.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kasra Toofani (verified owner)

    So grateful for these simulations.
    I am so excited about my achievement by passing the PSM I exam with score 96. I applied both this Practice Assessment and the Training Manual documents in parallel as complementary.
    IMO, the real PSM I exam was so similar to these mock exams especially part #3 because it covers meaningfully evident aspects of mindset and conceptual perception requirements in Scrum.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Toomaj (verified owner)

    I highly recommend that anyone who wants to pass the PSM I exam with a high score should practice all these three simulated exams.
    Today I passed the PSMI exam and I can say that many of the questions were exactly the same and some just a little bit different in structure but the same in concept.
    It should also be pointed out that, the simulated exams were so helpful in the comprehension and analysis of questions with different scenarios.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    mohammad esmaeil pedaran (verified owner)

    yesterday I passed PSM1 exam, and I can get 96.3 score. I believe these tests really helped me, and was really like the real exam and help me to create a perfect mindset in an amazing way, because in this assessment you can see lots of questions which are really same as real exam sometimes exactly same or really like and similar real exam, I recommend this assessment for everyone who wants to participate in this exam.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    13902307007 (verified owner)

    experience feelings
    1. Compared with the official public assessment, this is more like a real test environment;
    2, the real countdown, so you have the pressure to speed up and control time;
    3, these 3 sets of exercises are only about 80% for the first time, but once completed, the feedback explains the key points of knowledge in great detail;
    4. I repeated the exercises. After reaching 95% or more, I went to real ASSESSMENTS. I passed PSMI with 90%.
    5, I want to recommend to friends, choose, you deserve it

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