Product Owner Certification Training Manual

Tips and tricks manual for passing the PSPO I exam



A tips and tricks training manual for passing the PSPO I (Professional Scrum Product Owner) exam. offers the Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO I) certification. All candidates should pass PSPO I exam to get certified. It is recommended that all Product Owners who work in a Scrum team would certify themselves.

But we found that there is a gap between preparation resources for exams in the market and tricky level of the exams’ questions. Most resources that suggested for preparation are books. These books just establish fundamental knowledge and insight, but usually, do not prepare candidates for the tricky questions. So most people do not prepare as enough for the exam as possible and find the exams risky.

On the other hand, related courses are expensive for many people and according to rules these courses are not mandatory and candidates can prepare themselves through self-study. Therefore, we decided to produce a product to prepare candidates through tips and tricks training manual to take the real exams with more confidence. Our competitive advantage is broad and extensive content as a reliable learning source with an implicit tricky approach in it. We hardly worked to prepare these quality content and we believe that it can fill the mentioned gap.

Sample content of manual

What are the daily activities of the Product Owner during the Sprints?

During the Sprint, the Product Owner works with the Development Team to clarify requirements and answer developers’ questions. She manages Product Backlog through ordering, breaking down PBIs, creating new Items, assign value to the Items. Refines the Product Backlog continuously with the Development Team collaboration. Participates actively in the Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective events. Also, measures project performance, collaborates and engages with customers and stakeholders …

How does the Product Owner can order the Product Backlog?

Although there are a lot of methods and guides for ordering Product Backlog such as importance, value, ROI, cost, new knowledge, risk, etc. but the final say is the Product Owner’s opinion. Therefore, she can order Product Backlog items based on whatever she deems as most important through her perspective.


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