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Book Review: Scrum A Pocket Guide

Scrum A Pocket Guide is a brilliant book which brings and clears fundamental meanings behind the Scrum concepts for all Scrum practitioners.

Why writing a book review?

I am a big fan of reading. I admit that every day I read a book of Agile and Scrum profession. Recently, I have found that sharing my review about each book can make value for all interested people. So, I decided to start sharing my first review on my guru’s book i.e. MR. Gunther Verheyen. His book name is “Scrum A Smart Travel Companion – A Pocker Guide”. He continuously helps me in Scrum journey and lightens the road. I am really proud of having him in my life.

Now the book review:

I read this book twice during the two last years. When you read the Scrum Guide, you feel that you need another source to complement your Scrum understanding. This book is the most brilliant one. You find an extensive and deep explanation for each Scrum concept that can fill your mind gaps as a new Scrum practitioner or as a high-level player. I remember I read this book in 2017 for the first time when I was a little bit new with Scrum. But I read it again in 2019 when I was preparing myself for the PSM III exam, the hardest exam in the Scrum context all over the world. From this position and point of view, I found it brings a distinguished knowledge which supports you for such a hard exam. I really like its “Scrum” and ” tactics for a purpose” chapters which clear the fundamental meanings behind many concepts of the Scrum.
So, I should say my special thanks to MR. Gunther Verheyen for his great book and we should be so faithful because we have him with us.
You can find Gunther’s articles on his website in this link:

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