About us

Mehdi Hoseini

Seyed Mehdi Hoseini

I am Seyed Mehdi Hoseini, founder of the ScrumSchool.team who passionately lives in Scrum world.
I have 18+ years of experience in the software industry as a developer or leader and I have been living with Agile and Scrum since 2013.

Why ScrumSchool.team was founded?

When I started to certify myself I found that there is a gap between preparation resources for Scrum.org exams in the market and tricky level of the exams’ questions. Most resources that Scrum.org has suggested for preparation are books. These books just establish fundamental knowledge and insight, but usually, do not prepare candidates for the tricky questions. So most people do not prepare as enough for the exam as possible and find the exams risky. On the other hand, related courses are expensive for many people and according to Scrum.org rules these courses are not mandatory and candidates can prepare themselves through self-study.

To sum up, I should say I was like you, a candidate who passionately liked to pass the Scrum exams but encountered many risks. So, I decided to prepare deep and extensive materials and practice assessments. I have already passed the Scrum.org real exams which you can find on my Scrum.org profile and know candidates’ feelings before each real exam finally.
I am working hard to evolve and extend our materials and contents and improving myself continuously to spread the right version of Scrum over the globe.

Good luck with your exams