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Practice Assessments

Through these products you have a chance to practice three simulated exams like the real exams many times with declarative answer for each question which brings a deep insight to take the real exam with confidence.
Each product has totally 240 questions (3*80). Every time you take an attempt, the order of the questions is changed randomly. To sum up, these products make up your muscle memories in a real-like exam environment and increase your readiness dramatically for the real exams.

Training Manuals

Through these products you will learn deeply about each scrum concept with broad and extensive materials as a reliable learning source.
These contents contain tips and tricks which you will encounter in the real exams. To sum up, these products build a strong foundation for your knowledge and empower you to challenge with practice assessments which is a game-play field to make you ready for taking part the real exams.

Scrum School! Why?

  • We have already passed the scrum.org real exams
  • We were the first customer of our products
  • We have prepared deep and extensive materials
  • We know candidates feelings before each real exam

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we are not affiliated with Scrum.org and also do not claim about it. We just work hard to empower people for taking the Scrum.org exams with more confidence.

Right now you can use PayPal for purchasing our products.

Training manuals format is PDF and after payment you can download and use them.

Practice assessments format is test format which you can practice questions multiple times in our online test platform. After payment these products will be accessible for three months.

Right now we have training manual and practice assessment for the PSM I and PSD I exams and our next goal is developing these products for the PSPO I exam.

You should buy them from the Scrum.org website.

Yes. In each product page you can find a few samples of the related products content.

For each exam we have produced a blog post that guide you for the exam preparation. They have cleared the steps and at the end you would use our products to increase your confidence. You can find them from “How to” menu.

You can contact us through our various contact ways. You can find them in the contact page.


We are not affiliated with Scrum.org and do not claim that our contents are endorsed and confirmed by Scrum.org, but we work hard in this context to prepare and evolve quality contents continuously.

NOTE: All following words, acronyms and phrases are trademarks which belong to the Scrum.org:
PSM I, PSD I, PSPO I, Professional Scrum Master, Professional Scrum Developer, Professional Scrum Product Owner.